Our Team

We are a team of versatile professionals united by the idea of creating a unique and innovative wearable device to monitor health.

Our team of diverse professionals (psychologists, IT specialists, electronic engineers) with 10 years and more experience in the respective fields. The team worked together for a long time and refined the polygraph, also known as lie detector. The team members had conducted numerous psycho-physiological tests for special services.

We have vast practical experience proven by tests with positive results and supported with confessions. We have developed several types of small-sized detectors. We have created several versions of unique software that allows quick assessment of a person's psycho-physiological state on the basis of bio-sensors readings.

Small-sized detectors with bio-sensors allows not only verify the tested persons honesty, but also to estimate his or her emotional tiredness and physical readiness of the body to perform assigned tasks.

On the basis of our accumulated experience we have developed a wearable polygraph in the form of smart watch - VIVOGRAPH. This device allows its owner to track his/her psycho-physiological state and to control emotions under certain important circumstances.